I have been working with children with autism spectrum disorders, including social communication disorder, and other developmental delays since 2003. My goal is to help children learn in their natural environment. All programs are individualized to meet each child's specific needs and build upon their strengths and interests. I use evidence-based techniques and use data to guide my programming decisions. My programs are all-inclusive. I work with parents to determine the skills that are most important to participate in the family environment. I can work on communication skills, academic goals, social skills, appropriate play, and daily living skills, as well as reducing problem behaviors.

What skills can you teach?

With Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), one can target any behavior for change.  In regards to children with autism, I fundamentally target the areas of communication, socialization, and behavior because those are the areas involved in the diagnosis. Those domains are broad, however, and I target any specific skills and behaviors that are relevant to the child with autism and the family. I teach communication skills, including vocal speech, signs, and picture exchange systems. I can teach academic and pre-academic skills to help children succeed in school. I target daily living skills, self-help skills, independent leisure activities, play skills, toileting, and meal time routines, including addressing some feeding issues. I address social skills with family members, siblings, peers, and in community settings. I also work to reduce problem behaviors across all environments.

Teaching New Skills
-Conduct ABLLS and VB-MAPP assessments
-Develop goals for in-home programs
-Provide direct ABA treatment
-Communication training
-Daily living skills training, including toileting

-Supervision of future BCABAs and BCBAs
-Face to face and teleconferencing meetings

Reducing Problem Behavior
-Conduct Functional Behavior Assessments
-Develop Behavior Intervention Plans
-Teaching appropriate replacement skills

-Train providers to run ABA programs
-Train individuals in the use of ABA techniques
-Parent training for generalization of skills
Rachel White,
Jul 27, 2012, 5:47 AM